Obama raised on a Pentecostal Pew.

March 10, 2008
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Drawing more comparisons to some of the worlds greatest names and public figures, it has been discovered that Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, was, like Elvis, raised on a pentecostal pew.  No doubt, he sang How great thou art, It’s a bubbling, and “Friend of God,” just like Elvis. 

What would possess this former holiness minded young man to grow up and not only vote Democrat, but become one, is a story that is mystifying to say the least.   When asked about this, Mr. Obama said, “The Sermon on the mount proves Jesus was a Democrat.”  Not sure which translation he read this from, We asked his best friend, Hillary Clinton what she thought about it, and her reply was that She and Mr. Obama had had many conversations with the Holy Spirit, together.  And that the Holy Spirit had indeed informed her that Jesus indeed was Democrat. 

Democratic presidential candidate John McCain refused to comment.  

This article is Satirical in nature.


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Hillary:”I have felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit.”

March 8, 2008
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Here’s the AR article link.  

My question is, did the Holy Spirit realize who he was visiting?  I mean he does make mistakes, right?  Wasn’t it God the Father that is perfect?  Oh wait, that’s right, Jesus was the one without sin. 

The Trinity is so confusing, I can’t keep them all together.  Except, I can.  Jesus, is the fullness.  I’m sure Jesus(the Holy Spirit) had his reasoning for visiting our dear sister Hillary, too bad she probably thought he was asking for advice. 

I’m reminded of how a year or two ago, Senator Clinton claimed that it was her faith that kept her through her rough marriage.  This I do believe.  And I also believe that she probably felt that God had came and visited her.  I just wonder, why she would choose to use his name in oppotune moments, while trying to suppress his will at other times. 

It seem’s that Sister Clinton believes that God has become mesmerised by her campaign speeches as well as the rest of America.  He can’t help but come down and check her out.  I too think God is watching.  I’m not as positive that he has the opinion of her that She thinks He does. 


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